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Is it really free? YES!

    <div class="product">     
        <div class="name">Men's Flip Flops Beach Sandals</div>    
        <div class="price">$16.99</div>     
        <div class="quantity">         
            <input type="text" name="quantity" value="1">     
        <button class="add-to-cart" data-product-id="21">Add to cart</button>
In this sample we want collect "data-product-id" attribute when someone clicked on "Add to cart" button.
Also you can track:
  • Action itself
  • Variables
  • Values
  • Attributes
  • Text
  • Etc.

1. Add element selector

Specify class name, ID or attribute of element

2. Choose action


3. Add tracking attributes

Add attributes that you want tracking

This a free tag management tool to track activity on your website or mobile application without coding. The only thing that you have to know it is a basic CSS and jQuery syntax.

We provide unlimited elements that may be tracked. Unlimited attributes. Unlimited websites. Download CSV or check your reports online.


Taggos allow you easily to create tagging campaign to track all user activities on your website or mobile app without coding. Just create project, add elements that you would like to track, select one of the actions and add variables, attributes etc. you want to capture with this action.


Once you created project, include generated .js file into your website after you initialize jQuery.


All You need to know is some CSS selectors and basic jQuery syntax.

If you understand what does mean:

div.element >

Then You would be fine.


We deleting all captured data every Monday. Make sure you downloaded your report!


It is absolutely FREE!